IRS Cyber Breach

IRS in an announcement late yesterday stated “criminals used taxpayer-specific data acquired from non-IRS sources to gain unauthorized access to information on approximately 100,000 tax accounts through IRS’ ‘Get Transcript’ application. This data included Social Security information, date of birth and street address.”

We believe it is important for our members to understand the issue at hand here. In the first place, IRS was not “hacked.” More to the point, criminals did not break into IRS databases and steal 100,000 accounts. The criminals had the keys, obtained elsewhere–they came in the front door and fraudulently posed as taxpayers. While your clients may not be particularly interested in this fine distinction, we believe the distinction is one worth making, both to your staff members and to your clients.

IRS plans to post FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) to its website–perhaps today.

┬áNAEA will continue to keep America’s Tax Experts┬« apprised of developments.

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