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The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) helps low- to moderate-income workers and families get a tax break. If you qualify, you can use the credit to reduce the taxes you owe – and maybe increase your refund.

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Did you receive a letter from the IRS about the EITC? Find out what to do.

Who Qualifies

You may claim the EITC if your income is low- to moderate. The amount of your credit may change if you have children, dependents, are disabled or meet other criteria.

Military and clergy should review our Special EITC Rules because using this credit may affect other government benefits.

Use our EITC qualification assistant to find out if you qualify and for how much.

Check if You Qualify

If you claim this credit, your refund may be delayed. By law, we must wait until mid-February to issue refunds to taxpayers who claim the Earned Income Tax Credit.

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