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Under what circumstances will an employer owe an Employer Shared Responsibility payment?

For 2015 and after, an applicable large employer will be liable for an Employer Shared Responsibility payment only if:

(a) The employer does not offer health coverage or offers coverage to fewer than 95% of its full-time employees and the dependents of those employees, and at least one of the full-time employees receives a premium tax credit to help pay for coverage on a Marketplace;


(b) The employer offers health coverage to all or at least 95% of its full-time employees, but at least one full-time employee receives a premium tax credit to help pay for coverage on a Marketplace, which may occur because the employer did not offer coverage to that employee or because the coverage the employer offered that employee was either unaffordable to the employee (see question 19, below) or did not provide minimum value (see question 20, below).

But see question 33 for transition relief with respect to offers of coverage to dependents for 2015, questions 34 through 36 for 2015 transition relief for certain employers with fewer than 100 full-time employees (including full-time equivalents), and question 37 for 2015 transition relief for all other employers with respect to the percentage of full-time employees to whom coverage must be offered to avoid the payment described in paragraph (a) above.

 IRS Adopts “Taxpayer Bill of Rights”

WASHINGTON ― The Internal Revenue Service today announced the adoption of a “Taxpayer Bill of Rights” that will become a cornerstone document to provide the nation’s taxpayers with a better understanding of their rights.

The Taxpayer Bill of Rights takes the multiple existing rights embedded in the tax code and groups them into 10 broad categories, making them more visible and easier for taxpayers to find on


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