Audits by Mail–What to Do?

Amount You OweDid you receive a letter or notice from the IRS?

Each year the IRS sends millions of letters and notices to taxpayers for a variety of reasons, but that does not mean you need to worry. You can handle many of these letters and notices simply and painlessly, without having to call or visit an IRS office.

Each letter and notice includes specific instructions on what you need to do to satisfy the inquiry.

If you receive a correction notice, you should check and compare it with the information on your return.

Generally, no reply is necessary if you agree with the correction to your account, unless a payment is due. If you do not agree with correction(s) the IRS made, it’s important that you respond as requested in the notice. Allow at least 30 days for a response. If you have questions, call the telephone number in the upper right corner of the notice. Have a copy of your tax return and the correspondence available when you call. It’s important that you keep copies of any correspondence with your records.

If you believe that you have received a fraudulent notice or that you’re a victim of identity theft, call us at (803)470-4938 to speak with a tax professional.

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