13 Ways To Spend Your Tax Refund On Home Improvements

Here’s how to use your refund to refurbish or enhance your home.

$500 refund: It’s all in the details

$1,000 refund: Think upgrades

  • Upgrade your water heater
  • Give your ceiling a lift

$2,000 refund: Add style

  • Upgrade your home’s lighting
  • Treat yourself to wood flooring
  • Build a deck or enhance the one you have

$3,000 refund:  Add features with ROI in mind

  • Add a backsplash to your kitchen
  • Splurge on French doors

$5,000 refund: Go big with projects you’ll enjoy

  • Put up a privacy fence or replace an old one
  • Create a simple outdoor kitchen

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2016 Tax Season Kicks-off with #EITCAwarenessDay


Moneygami Car 1024x768 pixels(Columbia, SC)— C Fitts Tax Solutions wants to make life a little easier for workers by alerting them about a special tax credit that can put money in their pockets.

“EITC is a tax benefit for working people and their families and it allows more dollars to flow into our community. It’s money workers can use for groceries, rent, utilities and other bills” said Carolyn. “We want workers who may qualify for EITC to have all the information they need to get the EITC and get it right.” Continue reading